About Us

Knox Ratepayers Association is an independent not for profit association.

We attend Council Meetings as an advocate for the Ratepayers and Residents of the City of Knox and monitor the activities of your elected Councillors and the appointed Executive. Our aim is to provide value for money and ensure the interests of the Ratepayers are best represented.
The Knox Ratepayers association was formed to be the voice of the Ratepayers and represent their views to Council.

Executive Committee at Knox Ratepayers are:

  • President: Frank Sullivan
  • Vice President: George Liokos
  • Treasurer:  Pixie Lee
  • Secretary:  Claudine Evans

Mission Statement
(a)  To provide an independent body to represent the ratepayers of the City of Knox.
(b)  To represent the views of ratepayers to the Councillors and Officers of the City of Knox.
(c)  To promote public debate concerning local government issues within and affecting the City of Knox and its ratepayers.
(d)  To provide effective independent scrutiny of the policies and practices of the Council of the City of Knox.
(e)  To do such other things as may benefit Ratepayers of the City of Knox.
(f)  To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.
(g)  To work with the Victorian State Government to ensure transparency and hold accountable the Knox City Council for their decisions and actions.
(h)  To have appointed to the Knox City Council an independent Administrator.

Working for a better community